Mein to akela hi chali thi manzil ki aur
Lekin log judhte chale gye aur karwa badhta chala gya.

Hooray! It's our birthday month. A fantastic journey is about to reach its second milestone and our team absolutely can't keep calm.
We are overwhelmed with your love and support and obviously, swamped with innumerable ideas to reach the unfathomable heights of
success. With every passing day, we strive to become better than yesterday.

It was the month of July two years back, when our founder Ms Mugdha Jain harnessed the power of her dreams, directed all her efforts
to articulate her vision and breathed life into the idea of The Delight Boxx - an online one-stop customised gifting solution.

When India was seeking relief from the scorching heat of June and welcoming the fresh July monsoon showers, Ms Jain was colouring her ambitions that ultimately revolutionised the face of online gifting across the country. Since then, she and the team under tutelage have served all our clients as per their individual needs. We pride ourselves on being the mode of expression of love, happiness and joy in the lives of the loved ones of our clients. We have served customised delight boxes and delivered them to the doorstep.

Though this journey has been exuberant, it has been trodden upon with many bumps. From appropriate vendor selections, delays in delivery of raw materials, ensuring top-notch quality and catering to the individual needs of all of our customers, we as a team have faced several challenges. But with the zeal to be the best and offer our customers the best, we have held faith i

Soon, the optimism of Ms Jain lead The Delight Boxx to wider horizons. Therefore we expanded in the field of wedding favours and corporate gifting. Our dedication was rewarded with even larger orders which we managed to fulfil effectively and efficiently. Currently, we are offering our services to individuals as well as corporations and this fills us with happiness.

So we are entering our birthday month with hopes and never-ending passion. We are brimmed with gaiety as we are about to celebrate our two-year anniversary. We invite all of you to join us and continue to give us a chance to spread smiles on the faces of your near and dear ones.
n ourselves in the face of every adversity. We made up for every hurdle by putting in more effort, late nights, early mornings and endless calls to numerous operators of Indian courier services and it makes us immensely happy that nothing could stop us from being the best.
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