4 Reasons To Delight Your Employees This Diwali

4 Reasons To Delight Your Employees This Diwali

Have you ever wondered what is the best way of retaining and making your employees excited while also keeping in check the budgets? Is it appraisals or awarding them the employee of the month or year? No. Research actually shows that something as simple as sending employees a goodie or a swag pack has the best results on employee happiness and retention statistics!

According to a survey conducted by Shopify in 2018 on Business Gift Satisfaction, a whopping 81% of respondents said they felt appreciated when they are sent gifts by their employers, 56% feel recognized for doing a good job and 41% indicate that gifts positively influence their opinion of their employer. Now, these are some crazy stats hard to dismiss!

So why exactly does gifting matter? Here are 4 reasons why you should consider sending a gift to your team this Diwali!

  • Gifting is synonymous with caring and thoughtfulnes
  • A gift is not just a pack of items that you send to someone on a particular occasion, it is much more. It symbolizes the care and affection you have for the person. Receiving a gift makes us feel valuable, recognized, and proud.

    Something as simple as sending a personalized message along with a bunch of chocolates will go a long way in showing the employees that the company cares for them.

  • Gifting fosters employee happiness
  • People accomplish amazing things when they are happy rather than when they feel unappreciated and disconnected. A small gift is a step in the right direction when it comes to boosting employee happiness and morale. Letting the employees know they are an important part will keep them motivated.

  • It cultivates a culture of self-improvement
  • Employee gifting also helps with the need push of self-improvement for a lot of employees. It’s an indirect way of communicating the goals and ambitions of a company and how they are helping you achieve those goals. 

    Providing the employees with opportunities to learn more by incentivizing them and them recognizing them creates a feedback loop that can take your companies growth to next level.

  • Helps attract, inspire and retain talent
  • Employee retention is multidimensional, so it is important that employers proactively manage the organization’s culture including the emotional intelligence of leaders, employee appreciation, job stimulation, security and compensation, and rewards. 

    In the world of social media, having a robust strategy for employee gifting can go a long way in changing the way people recognize your brand. It is by far one of the best branding exercises you can undertake. It gives your brand a positive outlook which in turn has a direct impact on the cost of hiring new employees.

    So, with this, we hope you are clear on why sending those gifts is the best thing you can do this Diwali for your employees and the company’s growth.

    We at The Delight Box are on a mission to solve the “paradox of choice” in the personal and corporate gifting space. Hit us up with your requirements using the contact us section and let’s spread happiness!

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