Freedom To Choose

Each and every year 26th January reminds of that we as Indians today breathe in independent air but it was not the same before 1947. We look back on our revolutionary past and take immense pride in being one of the largest democracies of the world. The realisation of freedom that sweeps us all on every republic day is infectious as well as enthralling. Thereby when our founder devised the idea of The Delight Boxx, the freedom that we acquired after a long struggle served as an inspiration. The Delight Boxx hence offers you the Freedom of Choice, the freedom to customise and the freedom to get personalised gifts in India as per your specific needs and requirement.

We at The Delight Boxx believes that no one should compromise with their expression of feeling toward others or even themselves. The freedom of choice is upheld as the central idea of our venture. We aim to let the customers explore suitable gifts for themselves and their loved ones out of a series of items. We don't believe in curbs or limitations and therefore, we let the customers decide the appearance and the items of our box. The choice of each one of you matters to us and we are proud to work with freedom.

At The Delight Boxx, the team also enjoys creative freedom and the right to expression. We create an environment that promotes freedom of speech and expression. This cultivates a healthy working space for our team. The freedom to express their opinions, feedback, ideas and implement them. This helps each one of us at The Delight Boxx to strive for excellence and efficiency.

Ergo, this republic day, exercise your freedom and choose the hamper as you desire for yourself and your loved ones. We are committed to providing you with numerous options, do explore and select the right ones for yourselves. Last but not the least, We wish you a very happy Republic Day.
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