The Reflection To Continue

The Reflection To Continue

Every last day of the year, we all host the ritual to reflect on our journeys as an individual. This time the team @The Delight Boxx did the same for the business venture.

Every year is filled with highs and lows and so we all expected 2021 to be the same. But what the world witnessed was heart-breaking. We as a country publicly felt the highest jolts of Covid-19. The second wave crushed a lot many hopes. But even these challenging times too had many learnings stored in them. It drew people close to each other. Even though it was virtual, but the expression of love changed, and we captured that in our customised boxes.

 The Delight Boxx made a commendable delivery of 812 boxes to every hook and nook of the map of India. We became one of the faces of expressing love. We became the thread of connection and helped our customers form a curve on the face of their loved ones. We launched 31 new products to suit the need of all and everyone. We made sure that we have something for each one of you.

2021 taught us to prioritise people and happiness over everything else and we @ The Delight Boxx tried to deliver smiles at the doorsteps. We celebrated with people - the anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, job promotions, self-care days, and every other sad and happy moment of their and their loved one’s life. Ergo, we as a team could not be happier.

We curated boxes for long-distance love doves, high school group of friends, office colleagues and even to appreciate the warriors fighting on the frontline for us. Each of our boxes was carefully packed with our own hands. We left no stone unturned to find the right items for a perfectly customised personal delight box.

It warms my heart to know that we gave a ray of hope in the form of appreciation to the close ones of our customers. We aimed to deliver warmth and love and care with our boxes, other items are just complimentary.

Hence this 2022 we bring to you the highly personalised new face of the Customised Gift Boxes. The Delight Boxx aims to spread more delights. We will keep coming with exciting offers so that you can customise your box at economical rates. And of course, we will update the items that can be curated in the box as and when you all like. We will be introducing new features to ease the process of customisation and deliver you the best.

With this, keep sending love to the ones you do because we are here to show your expression to them. Happy New Year Lovelies!


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