This Friendship’s Day, Honour your friendships like never before

This Friendship’s Day, Honour your friendships like never before

Friends are the family we choose. They are the ones that celebrate our wins with us, give us a hand when we are down, be there for us and listen to our never-ending rants. International Friendship Day is just around the corner. And what better way to celebrate your friendship than by giving them a little something made just for them. The last 2 years have been quite a rollercoaster for all of us, and even if you may not be able to spend this special day beside your friends like you used to, you can do so by expressing your love for them and appreciating your bonds of friendship.

The International Day of Friendship not only encourages the idea of friendship between people but also amongst countries, cultures, and individuals from diverse walks of life. It inspires peace efforts and builds bridges between communities. Your friends may be out of your sight, but they will never be out of your mind. This Friendship Day, let’s celebrate the small moments that define your bond of friendship.

The wonderful influence that friendships have on happiness and enjoyment is something that very few other things can match. And what better way to enhance that happiness than by giving your friends a memorable gift?

This year, Friendship Day falls on 7 August 2022. And there is still plenty of time for you to come up with exciting gift ideas for your friends. The best gift is the one that honors your bond with the receiver, something thoughtful that gives an expression to the love you share.

There are 3 things that you should definitely consider while deciding on a gift. If you can combine the following elements into one gift, you’ve got an exemplary gift for your BFFs.

1. Experience: This is an important element for a friend who has everything they could possibly need. A good experience is a process of living or feeling something unique and truly joyous. Get your friends a beautifully wrapped gift or gift box that gives them a cherishing encounter - one that they’ll remember for a long, long time. People may or may not remember the gift itself, but they would definitely remember the experience and the feelings it induced.
2. Indulgence: An indulgent gift is one that a person enjoys or desires. Buy your friends a gift that they wouldn’t probably buy for themselves. Think of something personalized, which reminds them of you every time they use it.
3. Emotion: This is arguably the most significant and simplest element to include in your gift. The key is to tailor the gift as per your friends’ personalities. Simply putting a handwritten card or message with your gift will accomplish this. Let them know exactly how special they are to you!

This Friendship Day, surprise your friends by gifting something they truly love. Find a gift that symbolizes your relationship with your friends in the truest forms. A gift becomes special by the value and emotion it carries. Choose a gift that makes them remember you whenever they use it or come across it.

You can gift them a picture album or maybe a journal that highlights your special memories. Or just a little something like scented candles, bath salts, or accessories that make them happy. You can also go for a customized gift hamper - consisting of little knick-knacks and their favorite items.

Our friends play diverse roles in our lives, sometimes they are our counselors, sometimes a teacher, and sometimes our biggest confidants. And we often fail to express our love for them. The most precious gift you can give your friends is your undivided attention and let them know how much of a priority they are in your life.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a gift that tells your friend exactly how much they mean to you.

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