Wedding Favours To Remember

Wedding Favours To Remember

We all are very much aware that February is the shortest month of the year. But as we dive into the last week of this shortest month, our team would like to differ. Our team members had longest days and lengthiest nights for two full weeks. Undoubtedly, it tired us to our bones, but the curve of the smile ran from ear to ear when we successfully planned, executed, and curated the wedding favours to one of our most special clients. It fills us with immense pride to look back and breathe a sigh of relief that we delivered our promise – the personalised wedding gift order of 130 pieces on time. Every one of the wedding boxes was assembled individually by our team members which emotionally connected all of us to every single delight box that was gifted to 130 homes.

It was not only an emotional but an extremely hectic process. But our team took it as a challenge and reached the zenith. The order itself bought thrills of excitement with it which then worked as shreds of motivation to find the most suitable items to be put in the box, vendors who would pass our quality checks, checking with our box manufacturer, putting our creative minds to work to design the layouts and of course working on the personalised hand-made card that we added to bring a touch of us in the wedding favour. After laborious days of finding perfect items, the tedious work of placing orders with our competent vendors began. We wrapped the whole of India in our wedding box. We secured the tea leaves from the hills of Himachal, Garlic and Herb Toasties from Jaipur, Bubble candles from Bangalore, Stickers from Haryana, Brownies from Delhi and locally sourced Kulhads from the artisans. Once our hearts were set on items across the length and breadth of India, we designed the cover of the box, stickers, and card content with our theme as “Blooming Flower Vector”. We offered individually hand-made wax-sealed cards with the stems of the flower of baby breath to seal the deal of love of our bride and groom.  

Throughout our planning process, we cumulatively thought that curating the boxes will be our biggest hurdle. We even recruited help. But we misjudged. The biggest obstacle was not filling the boxes but having all our items delivered on time. Ergo, the spree of calls to delivering agents began. The stress level peaked with every call. Nonetheless, we didn’t lose out on hope. And finally, after too many backs and forth calls, we had everything in place two days before the delivery date. And alas, we made it. Those two days and nights, sleep evaded us, but satisfaction filled our eyes and heart. The spectacular sight of stacked neatly packed wedding gifts made it all worth it. Golden net shimmered on our beautifully green palate boxes.

A wedding is one of the most important moments in the life of people. We @ TheDelightBoxx understands this and put in our best show to celebrate the day even more pompously. Our biggest order was this wedding favour and words fail us when we try to describe our emotions as we recollect the time of fulfilling this close to heart order. We made sure that each box matches our standard and has a personal touch. This is a grand step in our journey towards success. Furthermore, this experience has enriched our skills and we will be able to cater to our future wedding favours more efficiently and effectively. We look forwards to being a part of your celebrations of love and happiness and sharing your load of planning a perfect and memorable wedding. So go ahead and drop us a message for customised wedding favours today!

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