Why wait for special occasions? Rather make ordinary days special.

Why wait for special occasions? Rather make ordinary days special.

It’s the third week of January and darn we know that LOVE IS IN THE AIR. But is it really justified that we wait for a single week in the year to shower our beaus and dear ones with love and of course gifts? Well, we at The Delight Boxx choose to differ if your answer to the question is yes!

Love for us is a celebration that needs to be done every day, with every fleeting moment. We believe that every day is valentine’s day, friendship day, father’s day, mother’s day, siblings’ day. We firmly think that it requires no day to actually express our love, gratitude, and care towards our significant others. And so, our team thought of bringing an innovative budget-friendly idea that can pamper all your loved ones and for yourself on a regular basis.

We bring to you our range of Subscription Boxes. We aim to bring to your doorstep a new face of personalised gifting in India. We will offer you carefully customised gift boxes at the fixed period that you get to decide. We will curate these gift hampers as care packages for you and your loved ones. You can choose to avail them monthly, bi-monthly or on fix date. Why wait for the annual anniversary or birthday, why not celebrate the monthiversary.

These custom gift boxes in India will be delivered to you on the chosen date and location as and when you will register with us. Additionally, we will curate them differently for each subscription and your special needs for each subscription will be entirely taken care of by our team.

So, it's high time to remember that life is really too short to let your close ones know what they mean to you. Better start today with us. The Delight Boxx will help you remind your loved ones of your love every time you want it to be – the perk here will be consistency. Let’s not wait for special days, when we can make our everyday special. The Delight Box is here to express on behalf of you. You walk a mile for your near and dear ones, and we will embark on the journey for you.

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